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About Konjac Gum

Amorphophallus Konjac is a perennial herb that belongs to the Araceae and Amorphophallus. Konjac powder is watersoluble macromolecular polysaccharide-glucomannan (Konjac Glucomannan) extracted from the tuber of konjac.


Konjac glucomannan is composed of mannose and glucose. Their mole ratio is 1.6:1.0. The main chain is connected via β-1, 4 glucosidic bond. Branched chains are connected via β-1, 3 glucosidic bond. On average, each 9-19 sugar residues are combined via one acetyl in the form of ester.


The main ingredient of konjac powder-water-soluble dietary fiber is hailed as the seventh nutriment. It features low calorie, low fat, high fiber, high viscosity and high repletion feeling.


Konjac powder as a potato starch food features high water absorption rate and high viscosity, so it can serve as the drink and diet food for losing weight. As the collaborative gel, konjac powder can improve the jelly strength of carrageenan and improve the water retaining property. It can be widely applied to jelly, pudding and meat products. After alkali modification, konjac powder will form thermal irreversible gel. So, it can be used for making konjac vegetarian foods like vegetarian cattle stomaches, vegetarian kidneys, vegetarian abalones, vegetarian sea cucumbers, etc.  


BLG selects premium konjac tubers from Yunnan Province of China and Indonesia as the raw material of konjac powder and has built konjac collection and preliminary processing bases in Indonesia and Yunan Province. With the advanced processing technology, strict quality management and rich experience in providing konjac powder application solutions for customers in meat, dessert and vegetarian food fields, BlG can meet demands of different customers for konjac powder. 

Amorphophallus Konjac

Product Series

low calorie     |     low fat          |     high dietary fiber

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Application scenarios

Healthy vegetarian food, meal replacement powder, jelly pudding, meat products, rice and flour products, ice cream

Healthy vegetarian

Healthy vegetarian foods

Konjac can be made into healthy vegetarian foods by form thermal irreversible gel with the help of sodium carbonate or calcium hydroxide 

Frozen vegetarian konjac jelly is crisp. It can also be used for making bionic vegetarian foods 

Meal replacement powder 

Meal replacement powder features low calorie, low fat, no cholesterol and no purine and can reduce intake of calorie

Konjac powder is soluble in cold water, and with the high water absorption rate, it can make people feel full easily 

As the dietary fiber, konjac glucomannan can improve the intestinal health

Meal replacement powder
Meal replacement powder

Meal replacement powder

Low energy, low fat, 0 cholesterol, 0 purines, reduce calorie intake

Konjac flour is soluble in cold water, has a high water swelling rate, and increases satiety

Konjac glucomannan as dietary fiber improves gut health

Jelly Pudding

Jelly and pudding

Work with carrageenan to improve the texture and the smooth taste

Increase the water retaining ratio and reduce bleeding within the expiration date

Meat products

Meat foods

Improve the taste of meat, work with carrageenan to increase the product elasticity and hardness

Improve the yield of meat and reduce bleeding during refrigeration and freezing

Improve the operability in processing and improve the thickness of stuffing 

Rice and flour products

Improve the chewiness, elasticity and smooth taste of noodles 

Help noodles resist boiling and water absorption, reduce breakage of noodles

Improve the content of dietary fiber

Rice and Noodle Products
Rice and Noodle Products

Rice and Noodle Products

Improve noodle strength, elasticity and smooth texture

Improve the cooking resistance and foam resistance of noodles, and reduce broken strips

Increase dietary fiber content

Ice cream

Ice cream

Improve the cream feeling and plump taste

Improve the freeze-thaw stability and reduce generation of ice crystals

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