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About Carrageenan

Carrageenan, also called carrageenin, is an inhomogeneous watersoluble linear polysaccharide mainly extracted from the eucheuma, carrageen and hippuris varieties of red alga.


The molecular structure of carrageenan is composed of sulfuric acid-based or non-sulfuric acid-based galactose connecting to 3,6-dehydrated galactose via α-1,3 glucosidic bond and β-1,4 glucosidic bond in an alternating way. The average molecular weight of carrageenan is 100-1,000 KDa. According to the location and distribution of sulfuric acid groups in the polysaccharide frame, carrageenan can be classified into types. At present, there are mainly four types of commercial carrageenan: Kappa carrageenan, Iota carrageenan, Lambda carrageenan and kappaⅡ carrageenan.


Characterized by gel, thickening, stabilizing, film forming and emulsification, carrageenan can serve as gels, thickeners, stabilizers and suspending agents. At present, it has become one of the most widely applied hydrocolloids in the food field.


BLG selects high-quality seaweed of waters in Indonesia, Tanzania, Philippine and Chile as the raw material of carrageenan, and has built carrageenan production bases in Indonesia and China to guarantee the stability of the supply chain. With the advanced processing technology, strict quality management and over 20 years of experience in providing carrageenan application solutions for customers in meat, dessert, dairy, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, and pet food fields, BlG can meet demands of different customers for carrageenan. 


Product Series

High-quality red algae extract, natural polymer polysaccharide

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Application scenarios

Meat products, sweet food, dairy beverages, healthy vegetarian food, pet food, medicine and daily chemicals

Meat products

Meat products

It can improve the taste of meat products, improve the hardness, elasticity, juicy feeling of products so as to increase the yield, reduce bleeding of meat products in refrigeration or freezing, improve the slicing performance of ham and enable chopping, injection and rolling

Improve yield and reduce water runoff during refrigeration or freezing

Improve the sliceability of the product ham

Easy to use, can be chopped, injected and tumbled

Sweet food

Provide different bouncy and smooth tastes in jelly and pudding 

Provide different textures and tastes in fudge

Improve the thickness and thixotropy in sauce

Sweet food
Sweet food

Sweet food

In jelly and pudding, provide different Q bombs and smooth taste

In soft candies, provide different textures and tastes

Provides consistency and thixotropic texture in sweet sauces

Dairy drink

Dairy drinks 

Improve the hardness and elasticity of remade cheese and reduce bleeding

Improve the cream feeling and reduce crystals of ice cream

Stabilize suspension of cocoa milk and high calcium milk

Provide the plump taste and reduce oil slick in coffee

Healthy vegetarian

Healthy vegetarian foods

Improve the hardness, elasticity and juicy feeling of healthy vegetarian meat plants

Pet foods

Provide the texture of gel cans, improve the tastiness

Improve the thickness and reduce bleeding of the soup cans

Pet food
Pet food

Pet food

Provides a gel-can texture for improved palatability

Increases the consistency of canned soups and reduces water shedding

Daily chemical

Pharmaceuticals and daily chemicals

Improve the film forming property in plant capsules 

Improve the film forming property in plant capsules 

Provide good film forming property and retain the moisture in facial masks

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