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Ningxia factory conducts training on BLG products and their application fields

On the afternoon of April 13, the Ningxia factory invited Mr. Xie Jungang, general manager of the Xinghuo factory, to introduce BLG products and their application fields to the 36 employees of the Ningxia project. This training allows Ningxia colleagues to have a more intuitive and in-depth understanding of the company's products, thereby enhancing employees' confidence in the company and company culture, which will be conducive to the spread of the company's brand influence in Ningxia and the establishment of brand image.

"Customer-Centered" Seminar Experience - General Engineering Office

To create profits for customers is to reflect our value

Marketing Department "customer-centric" seminar experience

On the morning of April 14, 2022, all the staff of the Marketing Department participated in the "customer-centric" seminar. In the atmosphere of active discussion, the meeting lasted for 2 hours.

Customer Focused Seminar Experience - Hydrocolloid Research Institute & Bio-Glue

On April 13, 2022, colleagues from hydrocolloids and bioglue discussed the topic of "customer centricity".

"Customer-Centric" Seminar Experience - Information Center & Human Resource Center

On April 13, 2022, the Information Center and Human Resources Center held a "customer-centric" webinar, which was attended by a total of 13 people.

Documentary of "Procurement Contract Quality, Acceptance Risk Prevention Training"

On the afternoon of March 25, 2022, the company organized a training on "Procurement Contract Quality, Acceptance Risk Prevention". A total of 81 personnel from the Supply Chain Management Center, purchasing personnel from various factories, the Chief Engineer's Office, the Quality Center, and the Information Center participated in the training. Although affected by the epidemic, the training was held online through the Tencent conference, but it did not affect everyone's enthusiasm for learning.

"Sodium Alginate Theory and Application" Training Documentary

On the afternoon of March 24, 2022, the Future Food Joint Laboratory held a seminar with the theme of "Theory and Application of Sodium Alginate". A total of 51 members from the Shanghai Jiaotong University project team and the BLG project team, including R&D, General Engineering Office, and Marketing Department, participated in the seminar. Although offline activities were limited due to the impact of the epidemic, the project team conducted an online seminar through the Tencent conference.

BLG conducts two-day professional sales skills training

In order to better improve the overall marketing level of BLG, meet the strategic needs of the enterprise and improve the ability of employees, the company launched a two-day professional sales skills training on March 10th and 11th. A total of 36 people from BTS sales and customer service personnel, BFI sales, marketing department, Hydrocolloid Research Institute and other departments participated in the scene, and some other personnel participated remotely.

BLG's 2021 Annual Awards and Commendation Conference was successfully held

On March 4th and February 2nd, 2022, the dragon raised its head, and on the "Spring Dragon Festival" when all things recover, the BLG 2021 Annual Awards and Commendation Conference was held. Chairman Mr. Wang Jinyuan, directors Ms. Song Qihong, Mr. Zhang Canhong, vice presidents Mr. Wang Zhengwei, Mr. Deng Nianxiang and Mr. Pan Yong, financial director Mr. Yang Ning, deputy director of human resources Ms. Zhu Wei attended the awards ceremony.

BLG Lecture Hall—Financial Special Training Documentary

With the rapid development of the company, there are more and more scenarios in which various departments apply financial knowledge and data in daily work, and how to do and use relevant data becomes more and more important. On February 25, 2022, the Human Resources Center, together with the Finance Center, organized the first lecture of the BLG Lecture Hall-Finance Special Training, and the first-level leaders of each department and related personnel participated in this training.
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