Anti-Bribery Proposal

To all BLG employees and partners:


         All companies under BLG strictly abide by local anti-bribery laws and regulations when conducting business activities in all countries and regions, and resolutely prevent unfair competition such as bribery. Commercial bribery directly damages corporate reputation, hinders the order of fair competition and endangers the national and global fair competition environment.

         BLG has a "zero tolerance" attitude towards any bribery. The company's anti-commercial bribery policy and related systems clearly state the compliance requirements for anti-commercial bribery when company employees, company representatives and third-party partners conduct business transactions. Company employees and company representatives are required to adhere to the principles of transparency and integrity when cooperating with third-party partners, and to clearly understand their respective compliance obligations. The company will never allow anyone to damage the company's reputation, never allow anyone to harm the company's interests, and never allow anyone to touch the bottom line of legal compliance.

         The company regularly conducts audits and inspections on anti-bribery and other violations, and handles violations of relevant commercial bribery in strict accordance with the company's integrity system, and transfers to judicial organs in serious cases.

All BLG employees should strictly abide by the company's relevant anti-commercial bribery system, strengthen their awareness of compliance, effectively regulate their own behavior, and resolutely resist all commercial bribery. Any violations committed by others should be reported to the company in a timely manner. The company promises to protect the whistleblower's information and will never allow anyone to retaliate against the whistleblower.


         Company whistleblower hotline:+86 21 3329 2176



         Anti-commercial bribery work is a long-term and complex systematic project, which is crucial to the sustainable development of BLG. The company hereby calls on all employees and partners to abide by integrity, eliminate commercial bribery, jointly abide by and implement the compliance system, fulfill compliance commitments, and make compliance operations an important guideline for BLG's corporate culture and continuous progress


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