Customer Focused Seminar Experience - Hydrocolloid Research Institute & Bio-Glue

Customer Focused Seminar Experience - Hydrocolloid Research Institute & Bio-Glue

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(Summary description)On April 13, 2022, colleagues from hydrocolloids and bioglue discussed the topic of "customer centricity".

Customer Focused Seminar Experience - Hydrocolloid Research Institute & Bio-Glue

(Summary description)On April 13, 2022, colleagues from hydrocolloids and bioglue discussed the topic of "customer centricity".

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  • Time of issue:2022-04-13 13:53
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On April 13, 2022, colleagues from hydrocolloids and bioglue discussed the topic of "customer centricity".

The entire conference was originally scheduled to be completed in two hours from 13:00-15:00. Since everyone had a particularly full discussion in each link, the entire seminar took 3.5h; during the 3.5h intense discussion and learning process , I believe that most of my colleagues have a deep understanding of "who" is our customer? How to be customer-centric? What is customer-centricity? What is the standard? Through learning, in the future work position, everyone will be able to grasp the needs of customers more clearly, and can more closely and accurately implement the needs of customers into their daily work.

The discussion results of the workshop are mainly elaborated in three parts. The first part: revolves around "Who are our customers?". Anyone who can create value for the company can be defined as our customers. Creating value for the company can be divided into two aspects: internal and external; internal is all our employees, and external is the business that buys products and services. The difference is that internal employees are paid by the company to provide value, and external employees can pay the company to bring benefits to the company, and ultimately discuss the external companies that can bring profits to the company as our defined "customers".

The second part: case sharing, around "How to be customer-centric?". At present, the global political and economic environment is extremely chaotic. The Russian-Ukrainian war, the outbreak of the epidemic in Shanghai, and the upside-down U.S. debt are all affected by the "butterfly effect". Under the increasingly severe business environment, no one can survive alone.

In special times, we should grasp the timeliness and strive to be a reliable supplier. When taking the customer as the center, we must be honest and be recognized by the customer with service and quality, so as to maintain the customer and maintain the profit; put the customer's needs in the first place, and the mission must be fulfilled.
When encountering problems or developing the market, it is necessary to understand that customers need not only products and technologies, but also solutions. They cannot work behind closed doors, avoid disconnection, walk into customers, and more accurately understand customers' processes and production materials, and help customers debug.
It is necessary to focus on differentiated and cost-leading solutions. The designed solutions should be low-cost, high-quality, high-value-added, enhance competitiveness, and ultimately bring business success to customers, retain customers, and bring effective profit growth to the company.
Facing the market, we must have a keen sense of smell, pay attention to market development trends, and the dynamics of competitors. While meeting customer needs, we must also innovate, pursue growth and development, enhance competitiveness, and attract talents, but we must not blindly innovate. It is necessary to focus on efforts, to grow effectively, to focus on customers and technology, to be our own technology platform, to build a solid foundation, and to serve customers well.
It is necessary to face reality and contradictions and raise awareness of struggle. The value created by the customer as the center is distributed according to the value contribution, and the construction of talent echelon is strengthened. Not only the customers that can be seen at present, but also the customers in other fields within 1-3 years to maintain continuous and effective growth.
The third part: around "what is the development of customer-centric standards". Most people basically agree with the standard, but the content needs to be more complete, and the expression needs to be easier to understand; most people think that the score range set by the standard should be widened, so that the differences between different levels of the standard can be seen more clearly; the meat group believes that The standard should not be empty, it needs to be formulated in combination with actual data, and the following standards should be finally determined:

1-4 points: Do not contact customers, respect customers, do not conflict with customers, maintain a positive image of BLG.

4-6 points: Do not shirk the blame when encountering problems, do not take the initiative to contact customers, take ownership of customer problems, actively solve or convey information in a timely manner, and have not yet established orders.

6-8 points: Actively engage with customers, protect a deep understanding of customers, and have established order volume.

8-10 points: close contact with customers, can provide customers with a certain amount of stable services, services and products that exceed user expectations, and surprise customers.

10 points: In close contact with customers, our company's future planning direction is exactly the same as the customer's future planning direction, the interests are co-prosperous, the annual transaction volume is large and stable, and it provides products and services that exceed customer expectations in a forward-looking manner.


Improvement measures of the institute for customer service


serial number improvement point improvement measures


Improve communication efficiency and service awareness

1. Internal communication: first choose face-to-face communication, secondly choose to communicate by phone, and finally choose to send WeChat communication

2. External communication: conduct customer visits with sales, telephone, video, voice conference, and finally listen to sales.

Proactively follow up on the application of developed products, customer test results, and delivery quality (especially new products)


Improve Product Delivery Efficiency (3 of 1)
  1. Documents will be delivered on the 1st day: specification sheet, product number entry, formula sheet entry
  2. One-week delivery of fitting products: samples will be delivered in one week, especially difficult to delay for two weeks, and resources will be applied after the review.
  3. January delivery of major customer projects: weekly review, search for resources, and rapid delivery of sales results: January delivery.


Cost leadership (formula cost, solution - integrated solution)
  1. Raw material selection: optimize the ratio of carrageenan, konjac flour, etc., especially the price
  2. Recipe design: By optimizing recipes, jelly powder, fudge powder, and cheese compound powder, to achieve cost leadership, we will make breakthroughs in these three directions this year.



The efficiency of experiments is improved, and the project is the first priority

  1. When I got to the lab in the morning, I wrote the experiment list and experimental design first. Strictly prevent the phenomenon of eating breakfast after working hours. Jiang Gong and Qingwen are responsible for the writing work, and other colleagues are doing experiments most of the time.
  2. 11:30-12:30 noon break for lunch and start work at 12:30.
  3. After get off work at night, organize the experimental records, clean the table, organize the experimental reports in a timely manner, and let others understand the experimental record book.


Product Line Focused on Growth
  1. Focus on the growth of KA customers: Each product line should focus on its own KA customer key projects.
  2. Focus on product lines: key items (vegetarian, prepared meat, pets, desserts, cheese, individual products of Ningxia factory),
  3. Cross-departmental cooperation was strengthened, and key problems of key customers were promptly resolved without delay and rapid delivery. (Weekly review)


Talent Gradient Construction
  1. Together with the Chief Engineer's Office, we will build a talent echelon. Recruit, train, motivate.
  2. The team should strengthen its own learning and improve its service ability to customers.
  3. Provide a stage for outstanding talents to face customers directly, solve key problems, improve in the project, and give full support.





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